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It All Goes Back In the Box


The grandson was eager to hear this life lesson from his grandmother, and what she said caught my attention today as we navigate these unsettling times. The life lesson that she gave was this: “At the end of the game it all goes back in the box.” ...

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COVID-19 Update

I am writing to inform you that this morning the Mountain City Church elders, Matt, Chris and I, decided to cancel all services for at least the next two Sundays....

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Daniel and Lynette's Update

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Joy and Peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We know this season of sickness may have many of you worn down and ready for spring to fully arrive! We hope that whatever situation you find yourself in, that you be resting in and filled with joy in His presence! Sickness has a way of drawing out deep longings in our souls for healing and redemption...

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Update From Pastor Josh Tancordo

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This past month has been filled with examples of God's goodness and grace in our lives. ...

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Porter's Update

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First of all, we are safe and healthy, Praise the Lord! ...

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Hope in the Mountains


Update from Pastor Carr at Bruce Outreach Center ...

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Cosmic Treason

Calling sin “making poor choices” is true, but it is also a euphemism that can discount the severity of the action. The decision to sin is indeed a poor one, but once again, it is more than a mistake. It is an act of moral transgression....

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20 Schemes Update

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I am Brian and I'm a 20Schemes intern based in Maryhill. I have recently moved into the Wyndford area, which is hugely beneficial for forming relationships to point people to Christ. This part of Maryhill was originally built for and used as an army barracks from 1872 up until the 1960s.The majority of the people living in Maryhill don't know Jesus. So, I look to share Jes...

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Porter Family Update

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Xin Nian Kuai Le...Happy Chinese New Year!! We are just finishing up the long holiday weekend where many are celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY). Traditionally, people travel to visit their hometowns and enjoy dinners together. We had a chance to learn about some of the traditions associated with CNY. For example, if yo...

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Baptism. It's What We Do

We baptize in obedience to Jesus’s command. Baptism both celebrates and marks salvation in a believer, and it is a visible sermon that pictures and promotes the gospel....

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