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Missions and Missionaries we Support


Tommy and Lorne 

20 Schemes


Pastor Carr

Standing Stone Ministries



Compassion International

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Tommy and Lorne

20 Schemes - Scotland


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Find out more about 20 Schemes and the ministry in Maryhill Scotland by visiting their website here

Get in contact with Tommy and Lorne by sending them an email HERE

Watch a video newletter here - Spring 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We hope this letter finds you well.
We fully understand that all of you are involved in serving the Lord, in one way or another, and while you encourage us, we want to encourage you - It's a challenge for all of us, also in one way or another!

Tommy and Lorne"

Pastor Steffan Carr

Standing Stone Ministries - USA

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Pastor Carr is a "Shepherd" with Standing Stone. He meets with and ministers with pastors as they are going through crisis. This is a ministry to those in ministry. Standing Stone's Mission Statement says they desire, "TO GUIDE MINISTRY LEADERS INTO HEALTHY MINISTRY." 

February Update

Dear Friend,

Below is the link to our latest newsletter.  We hope it will bless you and help you to pray more effectively on our behalf.  We truly are grateful for your ongoing partnership.  Thank you for praying and thank you to all who give.  If you currently do not financially support our faith-based ministry, we would love to have you join us on this journey.  Just go to this link:
https://standingstoneministry.org/shepherd/carr-steffan/  OR scan the code below.  God bless y'all!!!
FEBRUARY NEWS LETTER (Click here to read)

More about Pastor Carr 

From Pastor Carr:

What Does Steffan Actually Do?

1 - Steffan serves pastors and church leaders and their families (especially those serving in small, rural bi-vocational church settings) This includes ministering to pastors / church leaders in crisis, assisting pastors church leaders  in ministry transition, and mentoring young pastors and church leaders and their families.  Pretty much, it is doing for and serving pastors in the same way that the pastor / church leader serves his congregation.  His role is to provide a safe place to share, unload, process, partner, and to pray together.

2 - Steffan serves small rural churches by coming alongside of them individually and helping them through a process of church revitalization, especially in the areas of ministry, evangelism, and outreach.

3 - Steffan also serves churches by connecting, when possible and as the Lord leads, larger churches with more resources with smaller churches (with less resources) that have discovered a fresh vision for outreach and evangelism and could use a partner to help fulfill that vision.

How Can You Pray for Steffan?

THANKS to wonderful churches like Mountain City Church, who support and pray for him, Steffan is able to provide this much-needed ministry at NO COST to the pastor, church leader, and church in need. Please pray for:

1 - Steffan and Leslie as they serve pastors, church leaders, and small churches throughout rural areas.

2 - Wisdom in ministry and consultation so that pastors will be strengthened, and by extension, churches and ultimately the Kingdom of God will be strengthened

3 - Churches will capture a vision, be revived, and ultimately develop an intentional Acts 1:8 strategy. (In essence, become churches very much like the Church at Philadelphia that is seen in Revelation 3).

4 - Seasoned pastors who "have a limp" to be healed and young pastors to be mentored to avoid circumstances and decisions which produce a limp in life and ministry.

5 - Continued safety and protection while serving, as well as provision of financial resources to serve in this ministry. 

If interested in becoming a monthly partner, please go to www.standingstoneministry.org/shepherd/carr-steffan/ and click "DONATE" under his picture.

To contact pastor Carr, send him an EMAIL HERE

Pastor Carr is also working on developing a Youtube page. Once he posts the videos to it you can view them HERE

Meet Jorge



Mountain City Church sponsors Jorge through Compassion Internation. Their ministry focuses on assisting and equipping children in poverty. As they put it, 

We carefully blend physical, social, economic and spiritual care together…in Jesus' name.

Jorge lives in Columbia with his parents and 5 siblings (as of 2023). He goes to school, loves to play sports (especially soccer), helps with chores like carrying water and cleaning the house. 

Jorge continues to learn about Jesus and the new life that comes through Jesus' death, burrial and ressurection. 

If you'd like to read more about his story, check out his letters at the church. 


Disaster Relief

Souther Baptist Association 


IMG_3508 IMG_9701 DSC_0031

Our church partners with Disaster Relief and Send Relief. These ministires respond to crisis and the clean up and rebuilding after natural disasters. Our trailer is eqipped to clear trees, debris, water and mud as well as minor construction. 

If you'd like to know more about our teams or to inquire about a possible job contact us HERE


Cooperative Programs

Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware


The Cooperative Program is Southern Baptists’ unified plan of giving through which cooperating churches give a percentage of their undesignated receipts in support of their respective state convention and the Southern Baptist Convention’s missions and ministries.

Find our MORE HERE about the BCMD CP