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Pastor Josh Update

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You may remember that last month I shared with you the exciting news that our offer of $300K to purchase a church building had been accepted. I then requested prayer that the process of purchasing and renovating the building would go smoothly and that God would provide all that we needed both financially and with extra hands to help us. 

I'm pleased to report that things are moving along quite nicely at this point. We have now signed a sales agreement to put the building under contract, a local credit union has given us preliminary approval for financing, and we expect to close on the property sometime between mid-November and mid-December. 

Also, a huge thank you to the three churches who have already volunteered to send mission teams up to help us renovate: Grace Life Church of the Shoals, Great Commission Church, and Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church. We can't express our appreciation enough! And there is plenty of work to do (my Excel sheet literally has 59 projects to complete prior to moving in), so any additional teams are certainly appreciated as well. Please reply to this email to let me know if you are interested.

In other news, we had a wonderful time going around to some homeless camps a few weeks ago distributing backpacks and having gospel conversations. We called it "Love Your Neighbor Day." The backpacks were full of supplies we had collected over the course of the few weeks preceding this event. Then, on the day it took place, twelve of us of split up into three teams and visited six camps total. We are praying that God uses our efforts and conversations for his glory.

Also (saving the best for last), the most encouraging part of my month has been Beth's sister Bonnie. Beth is a part of our church and has been praying for Bonnie's salvation for 40 years. In answer to all of those fervent prayers, it seems as though Bonnie has finally been saved! Although I have not talked with Bonnie extensively yet, Beth reports that her sister shows good evidence of believing the gospel. She has also attended our church for the past two Sundays after her profession of faith and seems very excited to be there. Can you imagine? 40 years. What a reminder that God hears the prayers of his people!

With that in mind, let me remind you again that we are most grateful for your prayers. Please pray that the process of acquiring this building would continue to go smoothly and that God would give us wisdom and practical provision for renovations. And please pray that we would be able to keep our eyes on Jesus the whole time so that our hearts are ever more aligned with His.

Serving Him,
Josh & Becky Tancordo