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I'm New!

For many, the idea of a “church” is an outdated, irrelevant or judgmental organization that refuses to interact with those who do not share their standards and beliefs. At Mountain City Church, we have a passion for this group of people and are committed to making the church both a community that worships God, and that takes the message of his grace to all people. We are a church of doubters, seekers, and followers who are learning to follow and worship Jesus Christ. All are welcome with no prerequisite of church background or prior belief. Bring your faith and your doubt, your joy and your tears, your praise, and your selfishness. As a church, we want to emulate Jesus’ call in Matthew 11:28 for all to come to him.

Turning up to a church service for the first time can be a little bit daunting. Even if you're a seasoned church attender, a new church with new people can quickly have you outside your comfort zone. Click the following link for some information you might find useful for your first visit: FIRST TIME.