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Next Steps

Once you've gotten to know us, you might be interested in becoming more involved with one of our serving teams, you might have questions about faith or baptism, or you might want to become a committed member of our faith family. Below are what we consider to be the next steps in your spiritual journey with our faith family.



For some folks, the best way to get to know our faith family is to serve alongside us. We offer multiple service opportunities throughout the year. Keep an eye out in our bulletin and Sunday morning announcements for upcoming events, or contact our church office to ask more specific questions. We’re always looking for ways to serve our community and we’d love for you to join us.


Baptism is the first step of obedience for every Christian. Once God has impacted our lives and called us to faith in Him, it is our responsibility to profess our newfound faith before and with a body of like-minded believers and followers of Jesus. From the earliest days of the church, Baptism has served as that profession of faith. If you’ve recently become a follower of Jesus or if you’ve never followed Jesus obediently in baptism but you’d like to learn more about this step in our faith, please contact our office or speak with an elder after one of our Sunday morning gatherings.


As followers of Jesus, we are to covenant with a local group of believers for encouragement, growth, and accountability. This idea of being accountable and committed to one another is fading in our culture, but God’s Word makes it clear that it cannot fade in the church. Therefore, we encourage all followers of Jesus to strongly consider covenanting with a local body of believers that is gospel-centered, focused on making disciples, and committed to preaching and teaching the Scriptures.

If you’d like to know more about how covenant membership works with our faith family, please read our Membership Covenant and make plans to attend one of our STARTING POINT gatherings. If you would like more information, please contact our office or speak to an elder after one of our Sunday Worship Gatherings.


All of these are aspects of our Discipleship Pathway. 

Find out more about the pathway by clicking HERE