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Discipleship Pathway


At Mountain City Church,

we believe that discipleship is not a class you take, but it is the course of your life.  With this mindset, we have developed a discipleship pathway so that you will always know your next step in growing up into a mature Christian equipped to do the work of the ministry. 

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As a member of Mountain City Church, we want you to participate in the pathway to grow through:
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We want you to come to know and love God more in our Sunday Gatherings. This is a time to sing his praises, offer our prayers, hear His Word, and love one another as our faith family demonstrates the love of Jesus through our love for each other. For many, this is their first interaction at Mountain City Church. 

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Serving/Equipping Groups

We want you to find community and connection while at MCC.  Through Serving and Equipping groups you will experience just that. Begin by plugging into a ministry or serving at MCC. While you do, you will be encouraged and equipped to make disciples for Jesus, and  remind each other of our identity in Christ. Classes will also be offered as ways to bond and take your faith deeper. 

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Discipleship Groups

We want God’s Word to take root in you so that you savor who Jesus is and spread his love to others. You will be equipped to make disciples who make disciples by joining a Discipleship Group of 3-5 men or women that we call D-Groups.

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Mission Field

We want you to join God’s work to change the world through missions, evangelism, and volunteering as you are sent into the Mission Field to make Jesus known to the world. This does not mean you are preparing to go to some faraway land, but wherever God places and being faithful in that place. Maybe this is your home, work, community or far away.   

Where are you on The Discipleship Pathway? It’s time to take your next step!


D-Group Guide Printable Version

NEW Discpleship Guide

What is a D-Group?

A D-Group is a closed group – by design, closed to a handful of people. A person joins the group by invitation only. The recommended size is 3-5 same-gender believers.

A D-Group consists of believers who desire a deeper walk with Christ. It is not evangelistic in its form or function, but in its fruit: It makes disciples, who then make disciples.

What’s the difference?

The setting of the D-Group is completely different. It is the shift from a lecture atmosphere with one teacher facilitating a discussion in a room full of students to an intimate, accountable relationship with a handful of like-minded people.

  • A teacher shares information, while a disciple shares life;
  • A teacher aims for the head, while a disciple aims for the heart;
  • A teacher measures knowledge, while a disciple measures faith;
  • A teacher is an authority, while a disciple is a servant; and
  • A teacher says, “Listen to me,” while a disciple says, “Follow me."

Am I safe?

D-Groups have a high level of accountability component to them. We will be using a set of accountability questions from the 20 Schemes ministry. You will not go through all the questions each week, but instead, you will pick 3-4 questions each week to ask each other. Accountability will require us to be compassionate with each other and also confrontational with each other in love. This is why we must have a high level of confidentiality within each group. These questions are just a guide to begin your journey, as you will grow out of these questions as a group.

When does this happen?

Each D-Group will meet weekly or bi-weekly and will consist of three components: Head, Heart, Habits.

What might a D-Group meeting look like?

An example group meeting could look like this:

  • Meet at the designated time and place and have a time of small talk/catch up.
  • Discuss the agreed-upon scripture passages.
    • Possibly reread parts together. 
    • Answer any questions about the reading.
    • Apply the 4 Big Questions to the reading (see last page).
  • Next, examine and apply the scripture in light of your life.
    • What sin has the Holy Spirit revealed within you? 
    • What areas are you not trusting in God? ○ Where do you see God working in your life?
    • What confessions/accountability are needed?
  • Listen and encourage one another from scripture.
  • End by praying for one another.
  • Finally, set your plan for your next D-Group meeting.

Again, this is simply an example and not a perfect plan. Your group does not have to look exactly like the example above, but many of the aspects should be included in some way.

Next, we will unpack more specifically about the Head, Heart and Habits as they relate to D-Groups.


Within your groups, as you read the Bible, and rely on the Holy Spirit, consider and discuss the “Four Questions.”

  • Who is God?
  • What has He done? (Jesus)
  • Who are we in light of what God has done? (Identity)
  • How are we to live? (Out of the motivation of all God has done)

Purpose of the “Head”

You are to be reminded of the truth that these four questions reveal every time the group meets.


  • This step is not about the information. It is about transformation and relationship.
  • The amount of scripture read should match the group's willingness to complete the reading.
  • If the reading was not completed, then begin the meeting by reading the portion of scripture decided upon and answering the four questions. 
  • People are more important than the program.

Some helpful questions to spur discussion from the reading:

  • What did you discover this week?
  • What did you learn or what were you reminded of?
  • Where did the Spirit lead you to repentance and faith?
  • How have you struggled with sin or unbelief this week?

As you read and discuss scripture, remember the Spirit is the ultimate teacher. Scripture: John 8:31-32, John 17:17, John 14:26, John 16:13-14



The Problem of the “Heart”

The heart is the mind, will, and emotions. The heart is an idol and desire factory. We sin even though we know so much. Scripture: Romans 10:10, Luke 6:44, 1 Cor 4:5

Desire for the “Heart”

As your group is led by the Holy Spirit, they will repent and believe in the gospel every time the group meets. This happens when we believe (heart) the Truths of God (head). You will develop a habit of digging up roots instead of plucking fruit. We will lead others out of hiding and covering so that the Holy Spirit and the Word can work. Only the Holy Spirit changes the heart, not you or me.

Equipping the Disciple Makers

This takes time. You and your group are not alone as we as a Faith Family grow in this area. Mountain City Church desires to equip you to be a better disciple maker, and will provide you with the needed resources. Here are some ways to address the heart within your group when you meet:

  • Listen for the heart. (Powlison’s X-Ray Questions)
  • Ask good questions. (The Fire of Conflict, Evidence of an Idol)
  • Speak the truth in love.
    • 1st three questions (Who is God? What has He done? Who am I in light of what God has done?)

Ongoing equipping is also happening at Mountain City Church. Here are some upcoming events and classes to consider in 2022 - 2023:

How People Change, Change and Your Relationships, Messy Care & Discipleship



As your group grows in their knowledge of God and dies to their sin, this results in new motivations, new desires, new affections, new loves, and new volitions (Gifford). This process will result in newly formed, God honoring habits.

The purpose of a disciple’s habits

The glory of God and the good of people

The effects of habits

  • Shape your desires
  • Shape character
  • Help with daily functions

Desire for “Habits”

Some of the habits we desire for every member of Mountain City Church to exhibit include:

The Habit of Reading the Bible— God’s Word cannot guide every aspect of your life if you do not know the Word. (2 Timothy 3:16)

The Habit of Change— The Spirit will lead you to find the “root” of sin instead of plucking the “fruit” of sin.

The Habit of Rupture and Repair— Trust only happens through rupture and repair. We rupture by helping our brothers and sisters see the root of their sin and we repair by speaking the truth in love. (Ephesians 4:15)

The Habit of Repentance and Praying for One Another—James 5:16

The Habit of Self-Forgetfulness—Philippians 2:3

The Habit of Being Accountable

This is what we desire for God to accomplish in each and every D-Group.