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Pastor Josh Tancordo Update

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One of the blessings we enjoyed this past month is pictured above. It may not seem like much, but what you're looking at is actually the first time we've had an organized music team in our church that wasn't visiting from out of town! We also have 2-3 more people lined up to add to the team in the next few weeks. Until now, it has just been our music leader playing his guitar on stage. We praise God for the way he's allowed us to build out this ministry!

In addition, perhaps the biggest source of excitement this past month has been the way God has opened doors for us evangelistically. Many of you may remember that a core component of our approach to evangelism is in-home Evangelistic Bible Studies. Due to COVID, Becky was forced to put her Evangelistic Bible Study reaching out to several women on hold.

However, God has now opened those doors once again—and, in fact, has opened them wider than ever! A total of five non-Christian women have committed to participate in a five-week study giving an overview of the Bible. Three of these women have never been involved in any of our previous evangelistic studies.

One neat story that illustrates the unexpected ways in which God has been opening doors for us is Samantha. Samantha is the manager who oversees groups and events at the hotel we rent for our Sunday services. Since she is my primary contact person at the hotel, we exchange emails usually about once a week. However, I've only met her face-to-face twice and have never discussed anything related to Christian teaching with her. However, even though I viewed it as a long shot, I decided to go ahead and email her inviting her to the study. Somewhat surprisingly, she accepted! She's even willing to arrange her own childcare if needed since her husband works late into the evenings. 

Please pray that God would open Samantha's eyes to the gospel—and likewise Katie, Julie, Lauren, and Marlene. I wish I had space to share all of their stories with you. We're also waiting to hear back from a sixth non-Christian woman (another Katie) who wants to come but is checking on the date and logistics, so please pray that things work out for her to be there as well. There will also be several Christian women in attendance to provide back-up for Becky in the group discussions. 

Finally, the renovations on our church building continue to progress by God's grace. We will host mission teams from three churches this month and are immensely grateful for their help. These churches include Grace Life Church of the Shoals, Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church, and Great Commission Church. One additional team from Clayton Baptist Church will come up in May. Please pray that these trips would be fruitful in every way. 

As always, thank you for your prayers and support—and have a wonderful and worshipful Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!

Serving Him,
Josh & Becky Tancordo