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Pastor Josh Tancordo Update

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Work continues to progress on the renovations we are making to the church building. We have had a total of three church workdays and have now removed almost everything from the building—furnishings, carpeting, and even some walls (pictured above). In fact, the only things that are now left in the entire building are the auditorium carpet, pews, and piano. The space is now ready for contractors to come in and make some structural changes. 

Many of you have been asking about when we will be able to host mission teams. Thank you! It is so encouraging to know that folks are eager to help. The main thing we are waiting for at this point is to award a few bids to contractors and get their timeline for when they'll be able to complete their work. Once they give us that information, we'll be able to schedule mission teams to come in after them and do things like paint, install flooring, and other final tasks to get the building ready for move-in. We cannot schedule teams before knowing when the structural work will be done without running the risk of the structural work not being completed before the mission teams arrive. Thank you for your patience!

In other news, the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to baptize a woman named Kristin this past Sunday. Kristin came from a family that believed salvation could only be obtained by dutifully participating in various religious observances. However, through the gospel, God set her free from her legalistic mindset! The result is that she is now able to serve Jesus out of love and gratitude rather than out of a fear of not performing well enough to be accepted into heaven. We praise God for his work of grace in Kristin's life. 

In addition, I have had a significant open door to minister to a woman while providing marital counseling for her and her husband. This is a woman who we've been trying to reach out to evangelistically for several years and who has been involved in at least two evangelistic Bible studies that we've done. These counseling appointments have given me the opportunity to press in hard on the gospel and the need to be born again. In our last conversation, I asked her some extremely direct questions about her soul and the source of her confidence for eternity. The conversation ended with her being heavily perplexed about her spiritual condition and about her need to experience the new birth. I can't recall seeing anyone in the past year or two so visibly burdened over these things. Please pray that God would grant her repentance and faith during—or even prior to—our next counseling appointment.

Serving Him,
Josh & Becky Tancordo