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Daniel and Lynette Update

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July/August Newsletter

Praise Reports

  1. Lynette and Simeon have been healthy throughout the pregnancy.
  2. Our friends, Matt and Michelle got married!
  3. God has opened up an opportunity (because of COVID) to reach all incoming freshmen! (Over 1,200 students) 
  4. I (Daniel) have been able to preach at Gospel Life and Mountain City Church!

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for Lynette and I as we anticipate baby Simeon to make his arrival any day now (due date is August 15). 
  2. Pray for incoming freshman. Pray that God would draw these students to Himself and He would prepare their hearts to receive the Gospel. 
  3. Pray for our virtual Frostburg Cru meetings on Thursday evenings, 7 pm. And our Garrett Cru meetings tuesday afternoons, 3 pm. Pray that God would give the student leaders a hunger to know God more and make Him known to their friends. 
  4. Pray that God would send us students who have a desire to grow in their faith and make the gospel known. 
  5. Pray for our leaders at Frostburg and Garrett as we make decisions for the semester. 
    • Eric, Jordan, Kendra, Olivia, Krista, Tenisha, and Natalie
  6. Pray that we would be a nonanxious presence on campus and have discernment as we have conversations with students during this turbulent time. 

Life Update

Our friends, Matt and Michelle got married. I (Daniel) had the privilege of preaching at their wedding. It was a beautiful day and we are thankful for what God has done in their lives. 

The past several months have been great! I (Daniel) completed four classes with SBTS (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), Intro to Biblical Counseling, Biblical Hermeneutics, Christian Apologetics, and Personal Evangelism. If you're interested, you can see two of the papers from this past semester.

Personal Growth Project

Apologetics & Evangelism Project

June and July was crazy and the newsletter never happened! My semesters overlapped and made my schedule extra full.
But we were able to get away for an early anniversary trip which was so necessary and refreshing for both of us.

Semester Beginnings

Here we are again! Frostburg's semester starts on August 17th. This semester we are extremely limited with events on the campus because of COVID. The University has closed most central meeting locations, so we have been engaging with students through virtual platforms. 

We are hopeful to have a weekly meeting this fall, but with significant size limitations. Thankfully we have an off-campus meeting place close to the University. 

Currently, we are meeting virtually on Thursdays at 7 pm with Zoom calls. We are striving to reach people digitally and connect with them personally. 

COVID has opened up other avenues for reaching the campus! For the first time that I am aware of, we will be able to give ALL incoming freshmen our information with hopes to have follow-up! (That's 1,200 students!) We're hopeful that this opportunity gives way to many hearing about Jesus. 

This upcoming semester is presenting us with many opportunities to meet one-on-one and have small group discipleship. We desire to be a "go and tell" ministry and not a "come and see." We want our students to go and tell others about Jesus and not require lost people to come to us. We desire our students to disciple other students. 

Please continue to pray for us while we learn how to navigate these new circumstances on the campus!

Evangelism Training

I (Daniel) was able to lead an evangelism training at Mountain City Church in July. I was able to teach our congregation how to use Soularium Cards. This is one of the evangelism tools we teach our students to use on the campus. 

Evangelism Training

Local Preaching Opportunities

In May, I (Daniel) asked you to pray for my lay preaching at Gospel Life Baptist Church in Keyser, WV. I was able to serve this congregation by filling in for them in the pulpit. It was such a joy to serve them! We made some great friends there and we thank God for what He is doing in the mountains of West Virginia. If you would like to see what I have been a part of in that congregation, follow the link below. 

Gospel Life

Mountain City Church

Gift for You

If you viewed everything in this newsletter, you're a rockstar! Enjoy a coupon for WTS Bookstore.

$5 Coupon

Let me also recommend a helpful resource. If you have ever wondered, "How am I supposed to live as a Christian in a digital world?" This book is for you!

Plugged In by Daniel Strange

Ministry Support

Thank you again for your support! 

If you would be interested in supporting us, checks can be sent to the address below and made out to the church with my name on the memo line.  If you plan to support, please reach out and let me know that you intend to do so!

Mountain City Church
19 Beall Street
Frostburg, MD 21532

If you would like to give online, you can follow the link below.