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Pastor Josh Tancordo Update

unnamed (25)

This past month we were blessed to bring six new people (pictured above) into membership in our church. Don't worry...the baby you see isn't one of them. We're saving infant baptisms and non-communicant membership for next year :)   Just joking of course. 

As you can see, these are all young families. We've also had an influx of a number of other young families recently as well. Previously, our intake has been pretty evenly spread out across the age spectrum, but lately it has become noticeably younger. That is both a blessing and a prayer request—please pray that God would provide some seasoned Christians to help disciple these younger ones!

In addition, things continue to progress with our building renovations. Since the major structural renovations will take longer than anticipated, we've decided to start using the building before those renovations are completed. This won't be too much of a hassle since the major renovations don't involve the main auditorium. We will be able to use the auditorium and just close off other portions of the building. We hope to start doing this the first week of July. 

In addition, we are finally starting to get the mission teams scheduled! We will have 3-4 teams visit us next month, so please be in prayer that we'd be able to work safely and efficiently. And thanks to those who are coming!

In addition, the renovations have been a wonderful experience for our congregation. Our people have been working tirelessly. We've had five church workdays, and people have also been coming in on some weekday evenings as well. For example, one of our small groups adopted the bathrooms as their own and has been coming in weekly in order to work on them.

Furthermore, I personally didn't expect this, but the renovations have also been very useful for outreach. We've actually had a number of non-Christians (about four or five) who have been attending on Sundays also show up and help us with the renovations. This has resulted in them getting much more connected to the people of our church and a number of good conversations. We didn't intend this as an outreach program, but it certainly seems to be turning into one! Please pray for a fruitful harvest as both Christians and non-Christians rally around this project.

As always, thank you for your prayers and for standing behind us as we seek to see God's Kingdom advanced in Pittsburgh!

Serving Him,
Josh & Becky Tancordo