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Pastor Josh Update

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The past few months have certainly been interesting, to say the least! Yet what a comfort to know that God is behind it all, working all things according to the counsel of his will (Ephesians 1:11). He hasn't left his throne for a single instant through these past few months!

We were blessed to resume in-person worship gatherings on June 7 (which happens to be Josh's birthday - a great birthday present for sure). Above, you can see a picture of the room we rented at the hotel. 

At first, we thought our move to the hotel was temporary and that we would return to the school when it became available again. However, after some negotiations with the hotel, they drastically reduced their price so that we are now able to call it our new home. The move is a significant step up for us. Not only is the interior much nicer and more suitable than the school, but the location is far better as well (it's right across the street from a major shopping mall - in the very heart of the suburban commercial district). The room we're renting is able to seat 135. 

In addition, we've also been blessed with more guests than we expected. Last Sunday, out of the 43 adults in attendance, 13 of them were guests who have been coming for one month or less. 

Nevertheless, we still face obvious challenges. Approximately one third of those who were attending before the virus hit have not yet returned to in-person gatherings (though many are faithfully watching online). In addition, we face the constant threat of the virus. This coming Sunday, for example, we will need to limit our gathering to 25 people or less, which forces us to use a signup sheet. We know these challenges are certainly not unique to our church, but we would appreciate all prayers for them nonetheless.

In addition, please pray that God would raise up more leaders at our church. One of our elders, Matt McCormack, is moving to California along with his wife Meghan and their four kids. While we've known this day was coming (since Matt is active duty military), that does not make it easy to say goodbye. This Sunday will be their last Sunday with us. 

And as always, please pray for our evangelistic efforts. All of our Evangelistic Bible Studies are on hold, though we are trying our best to maintain those relationships. Please pray that God would open doors for the gospel. Thank you!

Serving Him,
Josh & Becky Tancordo