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Pastor Josh Update

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Hi Joe,

One of the blessings of this unique season has been the opportunity to spend more time as a family. Above you can see a few pictures from this past month. The upper left is me taking Caleb and Silas bike riding on a local trail, the upper right is Grace riding her new bike for the first time, the bottom left is Caleb and Silas on our camping trip, and the bottom right is us celebrating Grace's third birthday. God is truly abundant in his goodness!

At the same time, things have been challenging with not being able to gather together as a church. Thankfully, for the second half of the month, we've been able to start up our small groups again in people's homes (actually on their patios). I've also been able to meet people individually for discipleship here and there. 

The biggest thing on the horizon for us right now is resuming in-person worship gatherings this Sunday - and to say that we are excited about that would be an understatement! 

Since the school in which we were meeting is temporarily unavailable to outside groups, we have signed a three-month contract with a hotel, which is very suitable for our needs (though a bit more expensive). We will be broadcasting all of our services live from this point forward. We will also be implementing various health-related measures including social distancing, the mandatory use of masks (except for those on stage), and a temporary hiatus from our Children's Ministry. 

Please pray that God would give us wisdom for both shepherding the flock and for reaching out to others during this season. Personally, my prayer is that God would be all the more active in drawing non-Christians to himself so that it can be clearly seen that people are saved by the greatness of his power rather than by the cleverness of our strategies. Our passion is for his glory!

Serving Him,
Josh & Becky Tancordo