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20 Schemes Update

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I am Brian and I'm a 20Schemes intern based in Maryhill.  I have recently moved into the Wyndford area, which is hugely beneficial for forming relationships to point people to Christ. This part of Maryhill was originally built for and used as an army barracks from 1872 up until the 1960s. 
The majority of the people living in Maryhill don't know Jesus.  So, I look to share Jesus, not only by having a visual presence in the area but also through attending local meetings and outreach facilities, where I can build relationships. 
Before I came to Christ, lies were a big part of my life.  Now the good news of the gospel is my life and I try to share it at every opportunity.  My aim to make Jesus known here. 

I look forward to updating you on how God is working over the coming year.