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People recommission things all the time. My friend Russell buys old Post Office equipment and recommissions it into everyday furniture for people's homes. My wife takes any container in our house and recommissions it to be a Young Living Essential Oils container or applicator. People recommission lots of things to be used in ways others have never thought about.

It probably seems like a weird word to use for church stuff...but it's the perfect word to describe how God has renewed us and is reforming us into His image, and how He has given us a New Purpose for our lives.

When we were children, we all remember every adult in our lives asking us what we wanted to be when we grew up. What did we want to do with our lives. And I'm sure most of us had some type of purpose that became at least one of our passions in life.

The crazy thing is that all of us have dreams and passions, but God, the Creator and Redeemer of this world, has an even bigger dream and even bigger passions. And He's inviting us to be a part of His dreams. He's beckoning us to be a part of something much bigger than we ever thought possible on our own. And He promises to work within us to enable and empower us to fulfill those dreams and to do things we never thought possible apart from Him.

In fact, if you have put your hope and trust in Jesus, repenting and believing on Him for life...then you've been Re:Commissioned to radically change the lives of an untold multitude of people. We've been called to and we're being equipped for the purpose of helping others come to know God and be radically changed from the inside out into the image of Jesus. Nothing could ever bring more joy to life. For this is why we've been created.

Everyone wants to fulfill their destiny. Everyone wants to find their exact purpose and passion in life. Jesus not only gives us a purpose and a passion, but He brings us to the purpose and passion for which we were created...to make disciples. Will you join us on this lifelong adventure of passionately pursuing Jesus and living out our eteral Re:Commissioning? We hope you will.