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Hope in the Mountains


Dear Friends,


I want to use this platform to simply do two things - give a praise report from the prayer requests presented in the March Newsletter as a testimony to our God’s goodness in the midst of the storm.  I will then give you some of our prayer requests that lie ahead for us.  THANK YOU!!!

*Praise God for continuing to provide for our Bruce Learning Center which was on the tipping point financially earlier this month, but God has seen fit to radically turn it around in the last thirty days.  THANK YOU for praying!!

*Praise God for continuing to bless our weekly schedule of Bible studies and services as we do the best we can to feed our young believers, stay faithful to worshiping together, and stay within all of the legal guidelines put into place.  It’s hard, but God is good.  We’ve now met for Drive-In Church service every Sunday since Easter!!

*Praise God that we received a favorable response to our “Egging” of neighbors when we took our regular annual Easter egg hunt “on the road” to people’s yards!!  Please check out some of the pics posted earlier this month on our Hope in the Mountains wall.

*Praise God that the church’s finances have remained steadfast through these weeks of shutdown.  We have not missed a single bill as of the writing of this letter.

*Praise God that though finances are going to be tighter and tighter in the weeks ahead for 

Leslie and me personally, we recently had a generous donation from two very close friends in PA that caused our financial needs to be met this past month.  We are trusting God to provide week by week as He directs His people and our partners!!

*Praise God that we are continuing to identify prospects for ministry through these difficult days 

- even having visitors in our parking lot during Drive-In Church services!!

With all of those praises noted, we’d be indebted to you if you would pray about the following prayer requests as we transition from April ministries to May ministries here in the mountains!!

*Please pray that God would bless our new outreach ministries at this time.  The first one is the assembling of a team of folks to assist those who are diagnosed with Covid-19 in our own community.  So far, we have not had any identified as such.  However, we have a team in place and stand ready to pick-up groceries, go to the pharmacy, do pastoral visits through social media, etc.  

*Please pray for our second outreach ministry at this time, which is a prayer ministry, as we ask folks to submit prayer requests that we can pray over while people are in the middle of seclusion and isolation.

*Please pray for our third outreach ministry at this time, which is a daily weekday devotion at noon as we try to share some encouraging thoughts from God’s Word to everybody in our community, including the presentation of the Gospel each day!!

*Please pray for God’s blessing upon our continued challenge in our finances - both as a 

church and as missionaries who are responsible for raising our own support.

*Please pray for us to have wisdom in meeting the needs of our fellowship while also continuing to develop relationships with the unsaved in our area so that His Kingdom will increase and become healthier.

*Please pray for our new roof needs over the auditorium and gymnasium.  So far, God has protected these areas, but we will have to go full force into putting a new one in place when this Covid-19 virus shut down comes to a conclusion.  Please pray for the finances and resources to complete this task.


I believe that’s it for now.  Leslie and I sure appreciate you, your faithful ongoing support, your prayer partnership, and most of all, your friendship!!  Maybe in Eternity, you will see the great affection and appreciation we have for each of you from our perspective!!  We sure do love y’all!!   We also know that you and your church must be going through similar struggles.  We are not blind or deaf to that, and we desperately want to join you in prayer and encouragement.  If there is ANY way we can be praying for you or encouraging you, please do not hesitate to ask.  We will continue to pray for you all to be protected, safe, and healthy, as well as afforded new and exciting ways to share the Gospel with your friends, family, and neighbors!!  


We are grateful for each of you!!  May His Kingdom increase through it all!! 


Your partners in the Harvest,

Steffan and Leslie Carr