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Are We "in Love" with God?

Blog Featured Pic - In Love

This is a question Francis Chan asks in his book Crazy Love. My wife and I have been
reading through it for some time now. We thought it was a good book to start in February. That is, last February. We picked it up again this year.

So back to the question: Are we in love with God? You’re thinking, “Of course!” Right? I’m sure we’d all agree that we do love God. Although... we might acknowledge that we don't spend nearly enough time with Him in fellowship. Does that make sense? Do we truly love someone in whom we invest no time, no energy, no thought?

Author Chan goes on from this question to use the illustration of a new relationship. This is something that I can relate to easily, since I can remember pretty well what it was like when my wife and I were dating. We couldn't wait until the next time we’d see each other. We stayed up late to talk and spent most of the day thinking of each other. That’s the way people act when they’re “in love.”

What would it be like if we had that kind of relationship with God? What if we couldn’t
wait until the next time we could spend time with Him? What if we stayed up late or got up early
to talk to Him, and spent most of the day thinking of Him? Isn't that what He wants? To consume our thoughts and actions so much that it would be evident to those around us that we are His?

Belonging to and being associated with the person you love is something beautiful to lovers. They doodle their sweetheart’s name on corners of pages, they practice their new signature, they buy overpriced greeting cards just so that they can seal them with a gold-crowned sticker. They love their soulmate with all their heart, all their soul, mind, and strength. And everyone knows it. People shake their heads and smile. Label us “the newlyweds.”

In love? Definitely. Obviously. Wonderfully.

May we have that kind of love for God, so that others might see Him in us.